Miles Striker Vs. Bridges

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Miles continues his destructive fun in this second installment. He’s really starting to enjoy the size difference over these tiny, pathetic ants. The video starts out with him getting two new structures to dominate: the Brooklyn Bridge and the Tower bridge. Turning his attention first to the Brooklyn Bridge, he finally realizes that he’s not stomping models… he’s stomping actual tiny people. Far from being a deterrent, this is a plus for Miles. After isolating the ants on the Brooklyn bridge, he turns his sights on the Tower Bridge. He taunts the scared populace, and the uses the famed structure to scratch an itch on his massive size 13 feet. Then he crushes it. Going back to the Brooklyn Bridge, he finishes it off, reveling in how great it feels. What will he destroy next?

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Miles Striker Vs. Bridges

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